Skjoldemose Skovbrug
Christmas trees and green cuttings for decoration

Skjoldemose Skovbrug is a Danish forestry producing and trading in Christmas trees and green cuttings for decoration. Due to our geographical localisation on Fyn - an island with a mild but Nordic climate and a rich soil - we enjoy the most optimal growing conditions that ensures robust trees with a high degree of strength, sustainability and similarity in colour and shape. We are constantly seeking to provide the best customer service by adjusting our products to specific customer needs. If you find our products and services relevant and interesting please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Christmas trees
We are producing Christmas trees using Nordmann´s Fir (Ambrolauri) as main species but we are also able to deliver trees in a number of other species. We are able to provide a wide range of qualities and sizes including manually shaped trees.

Green cuttings for decoration
Skjoldemose has a long tradition in producing green cuttings for decoration. We produce large amounts of the classical species such as Nobilis Fir and Nordmann´s Fir but we also produce increasing amounts of more exotic species such as Cypress, Cryptomeria and Squarosa. The cuttings are delivered either as individual branches (large decoration branches normally 5 branches per bundles), as smaller "easy to carry" bundles (usually customer specified) or in 5 or 9 kg. bundles.

The products are usually delivered FOB either on pallets or directly loaded on truck, but we are able to fully manage other standardised delivery methods as well. Additionally we are also able to provide the necessary arrangements for a part of or the total transport if needed.

Our price policy puts emphasis on the price/quality relation. Product lines and various qualities that are produced and packaged to fullfil specific customer needs define our prices. They are indeed competitive and the level is surely depended upon the specific procurement and long term trade relations.

Contact information
Skjoldemose Skovbrug
Rødmevej 47
Dk-5771 Stenstrup
tlf.:+45 62261056, fax +45 62261056, gsm +45 4019 9556